Work in Progress ExpressJS Networking

Filer: Node File Transfer App

ExpressJS based file transfer app for desktop and mobile devices in the same network

Wed, Nov 2 2022 2 min read
Filer: Node File Transfer App

The Problem with having many devices

Personally, I have different devices and I sometimes need to consume media across a wide variety of them. This may come in the form of books I’m currently reading or videos im binge-watching. Moving these usually large files across my devices - say for example, from my personal computer to my phone - is quite an annoying task I have to deal with every now and then.

My stop gap measure is to just use a cloud storage service or messaging service in order to send the files to myself in one device and download it from that service on the second device. This is good enough for most cases, but is a chore to deal with when transfering very large files or a numerous number of files which I have to upload and download.

So when I saw a youtube video about making a password-protected file sharing website, I immediately set about making one for myself

Things I plan to implement

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